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Good morning! Sheriff Knoedl has been out of the office this week. Major Mike Foster here filling in for the Sheriff.

Although the Sheriff has been out of town, he still maintains contact with the people of Dallas County. He wanted me to pass along the following information received from folks in the Tulip, Holly Springs, and Sparkman areas. Please be aware there is a tan-colored Pontiac mid-sized van with Arkansas license plates, asking for money from county residents and area churches to make it back to Blytheville, Arkansas. From the reports, the Sheriff estimates these individuals have been given a considerable amount of money due to the generosity of the local folks and churches.

Mr. Rucker and his crew have been busy working on State Highway 9 this week. On Monday through Thursday, they picked up trash from the Hot Spring County Line to Holly Springs. They finished the day up on Thursday by cleaning around the dumpsters at Holly Springs and mowing the grounds at the Sheriff's Office. Due to the weather on Friday, Mr. Rucker and his crew are spending the day maintaining all of their mowing equipment to be prepared for the upcoming mowing season.

Now for Felony Friday:

Self, Thomas of White Hall - Theft by Receiving of Scrap Metal, Possession of a Controlled Substance

Curtis, Robert E of Rison - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Theft of Scrap Metal, Minimum Insurance Coverage Required

Victorian, Roderick Lamar - Absconding, Minimum Insurance Coverage Required

Frazier, Bernice of Hampton - Failure to Appear, Misdemeanor, Fordyce Police Dept.

Robinson, Nicholas of Fordyce - Misdemeanor Failure to Appear, Driving While License Suspended, Cancelled, or Revoked, Minimum Insurance Coverage Required

Lingo, Anthony of Batesville - Possession of Marijuana, Driving While License Suspended, Cancelled, or Revoked

Mihn, Doan of Sherwood - Misdemeanor Failure to Appear

Lucas, David of Thornton - Absconding, Possession of a Controlled Substance

Clinton, Prentice R of Fordyce - Disorderly Conduct, Fordyce Police Dept.

Lee, Gregory of Carthage - Absconding

God Bless,

Major Mike Foster

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