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Good morning

I hope everyone is doing well and had a good week.

I want to begin by bragging about my Deputies and the Fordyce Police Department this week. We began a joint investigation last week involving a homicide within the city. I cannot go into great detail, but there was an apparent altercation between two individuals leading up to one being stabbed, ultimately losing his life. We worked closely with the Fordyce Police Department, conducting numerous interviews, which led to the arrest of the suspect. During this same time period, we were working on an alleged rape case. Warrants were obtained in all of these cases and the suspects remain in jail at this time. A $ 500,000.00 bond was set in the murder case by a judge. This is just another example of great teamwork and communication pays off! These cases are very complex, time-consuming, and exhausting, to say the least. If you have a chance, please thank all of these men and women who wear the uniform and work hard for you every day! I'm extremely proud of all of them!

In addition to our ongoing investigations this week, we executed a search warrant early Wednesday, that resulted in the recovery of a Glock pistol and drugs. Another person not attached to the search warrant was arrested for failing to notify a change of address while on probation. Another individual at the home was arrested on an arrest warrant and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Another gun off the streets!

I remain committed to keeping everyone informed of our activities here at the Dallas County Sheriff's Department. With that said, it seems every week someone insists on getting on this page to try and debate the guilt or innocence of someone arrested here. I want to reiterate that our job is to establish probable cause for the arrest. Obviously, that benchmark is met after a judge signs a warrant of arrest. After that, it is NOT our job to determine innocence or guilt. That will be determined by a jury or circuit judge. If you do not like the information I provide each week, I encourage you to move on. This page is solely intended to keep good, honest, hard-working people informed of what we do on a weekly basis. I have said this before, I will not engage in a battle of wits with unarmed people. The page is not up for debate, it is simply public information that is disbursed so you, the taxpayer, understand we are working hard for you each day. Please understand this message is intended for all of the Google lawyers out there.

On a lighter note, Mr. Rucker and his crew have spent most of the week assisting at the Dallas County Fairgrounds preparing for the upcoming fair. You will notice a lot of upgrades at the fair barn compliments of Mr. Rucker and his crew. One day was spent cleaning up the football field. This is another service we provide after each home game.

Now it's time for felony Friday!

Rolett, Michael E., of Malvern, Felony Failure to Appear

Jimerson, Jason, of Fordyce, Parole Violation

McRoyal, Makeitha, of Hot Springs, Driving While Intoxicated 7th, Assault in the 3rd Degree, Terroristic Threatening in the Second degree

Collins, Jamario, of Columbia, MO, Murder 1st degree, Misdemeanor Failure to Appear

Wright, Joven, of Jacksonville, Misdemeanor Failure to Appear

Pinckard, David, of Fordyce, FPD, Contempt Failure to Pay

Langley, Jesse, Misdemeanor Failure to Appear

Worthy, Montrel, of Fordyce, Rape

Ross, Marvin Jr, of Fordyce, Probation Violation

Ford, Marlon, of Arkadelphia, Rape

Vanlandingham, Colby, Absconding

God Bless,

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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