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SHERIFF MIKE KNOEDL - Warrant Wednesday

Updated: Oct 1, 2023


I know it's not Friday, but we have a felony warrant Wednesday to announce.

I'm very happy to announce we have arrested a suspect in the break-in and arson of Mav & Me Boutique. I want to commend Sergeant Jordan Ables and Captain Keith Axsom for their efforts to bring this case to a close. Both deputies and I have conducted multiple interviews since the date of the fire and break-in. The arrest was made after making contact with suspect Shawn Nunley and finding articles on his person that were taken in the theft.

He is currently being held in the Dallas County Detention Center on charges of Commercial Burglary, Breaking and Entering, and Arson.

Mr. Nunley will have his first appearance hearing tomorrow for a bond to be set by a Judge.

I am extremely proud of my guys for putting in the hours to make sure this case was solved!

God bless you all.

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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