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Update: The fugitives have been found, arrested, and are on their way to the Dallas County Jail. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and I commend all of the law enforcement officers who participated in the manhunt.

Good morning,

I'm hoping everyone had a Happy New Year! Set those personal goals and stick to them. I have made my list and plan on staying committed to it. I'm looking forward to 2024 and what the future holds for our County.

I want to start this week by bragging about one of my deputies and his wife for responding to an incident on Sunday, December 31. Deputy Tim Wofford and his wife Melanie were called by first responders to a medical emergency in Sparkman. They quickly realized the patient was in critical condition, requiring blood, and immediate transport for proper medical care. Promed Ambulance Service responded, and the patient was transported to Sparkman School where they met LifeNet Air 2. The patient was flown to UAMS where he underwent emergency surgery to repair internal bleeding. I'm happy to report the patient made it through surgery and is now improving. He is expected to make a full recovery. I reported this incident to recognize not only my deputy and his wife but also to show what teamwork can do when everyone works together. Deputy Wofford was a Paramedic before becoming a Dallas County Deputy. His wife Melanie is a nurse at Arkadelphia. Our law enforcement responsibilities are not just limited to arresting people. We are here to assist in any critical incident whether it be accidents or medical emergencies. I am proud of this teamwork that worked swiftly to save someone's life. I want to recognize and thank Sparkman First Responders, Pro Med Ambulance, LifeNet Air 2, and other community members who turned this critical incident into a happy ending.

Mr. Rucker has had another busy week. On Saturday, his crew worked on painting at the jail. We're sprucing up and starting our spring cleaning a little early this year. On Tuesday, he worked around the landfill and cleaned up 3 city streets here in Fordyce. Wednesday, he was busy from Highway 79 around Bailey's and down part of Highway 8. He also found time to do some maintenance around our shop here at the jail. Thursday, he kept busy working up Highway 229 North of Carthage. With the rain happening today, he will oversee more inside work around the jail. I appreciate all his hard work and diligence in keeping his crew busy.

I have run some reports and would like to give you the results. For the year 2023, we took a little over a pound and a half of marijuana off the streets of Dallas County. We seized Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and other dangerous drugs. We also collected various narcotics in pill form. I am committed to doing everything I can to clean up our County. This is our home, and I am not going to rest until our home is drug-free. I invite all residents to join me in this endeavor. Let's tell our drug-dealing citizens that their business is not wanted here.

I also would like to report that for the year 2023, the Fordyce Police Department filed 32 felony cases with our Prosecuting Attorney. The Arkansas State Police filed 12 felony cases, the 13th Judicial Drug Task Force filed 1 and my department filed 84 felony cases. I want to commend all those law enforcement officers for being diligent and getting those arrests made and getting those files to the Prosecutor. Now it's up to the Court system to dispense justice in these cases.

I am currently in the Manning area of Dallas County on a manhunt. We've been out here since around 2 am this morning. The Fordyce Police Department had someone flee from them and gave chase. He's abandoned his vehicle and fled into the woods. I urge anyone in the Manning area to make sure your doors are locked. He has been out in the cold and wet for 6 or 7 hours at this point in time and is probably wanting to get in somewhere warm and dry. We have a perimeter set up. I know this area very well and can assure you that every precaution is being taken and we are diligently searching for him. This individual is considered armed and dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. I will update you with the situation as soon as I possibly can.

Let's look at Felony Friday:

Watson, Kevin, of Pine Bluff, Driving While License Cancelled, Suspended, or Revoked

Tolefree, Deadrun, of Arkadelphia, Possession of Firearm by Certain Person

Purifoy, Bobby, of Bearden, FPD Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Morris, David, of Fordyce, FPD Failure to Appear Misdemeanor, Fleeing, Recreational Discharge of a Firearm in the City of Fordyce, Disorderly Conduct

Rose, Altantis, of Fordyce, FPD Driving Under the Influence

Bulliner, Caitlyn, of Fordyce, FPD Driving Under the Influence

Sledge III, James, of Fordyce, FPD Failure to Appear Misdemeanor, Resisting Arrest, Refusal to Submit, Obstructing Governmental Operations

Ford, Calvin, of Camden, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Moore, Joseph, of Harrell, Absconding

Martin, Dameon, of Fordyce, FPD Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Avery, Rodell, of Fordyce, Reckless Driving

Neugebauer, Matthew, of Fordyce, FPD Fleeing

Jacobs, Kenyoun, of Fordyce, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Morris, Jerold, of Ivan, Fleeing, Disorderly Conduct, Recreational Discharge of Firearm in the City of Fordyce, Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms, Possession of Schedule I or II with Purpose to Deliver

Warner, Derrick, of Fordyce, FPD Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Turner, Tiewon, of Fordyce, Failure to Appear Felony

I hope you all have a safe and warm weekend.

God Bless,

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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