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Good morning,

I'm going to start out hoping to not jinx myself, but things have been a little slower this week. I don't think we could top everything that happened last week.

However, we have spent much of this week cleaning up things from last week such as the first appearances, reports, and all the other fun stuff that accompanies a busy week. Three of the Deputies and Major Foster have been attending training for our drone. I'm happy to announce that all three have successfully passed their certification to operate the drone.

Captain Axsom, Deputy Tim Wofford, and Sergeant Ables made an arrest after doing surveillance for several hours for the delivery of drugs. This arrest is still under investigation at this time. Once again, I want to brag on my guys for their dedication and work ethic to serve the taxpayers of our county. I will be reporting more on this arrest at a later date.

We are finally finishing up some cosmetic work on the inside of the Sheriff's Office. We have put up sheetrock, painted, and installed laminate flooring in the offices, which should be completed by next week. Please keep in mind, not much has been done inside these offices for 24 years. I encourage anyone who would like to drop by to see our new, improved look here. Most of the work has been completed by inmates except the sheetrock and flooring.

Mr. Rucker has been busy picking up trash this week. They picked up Highway 8 west on the county line back to Moro Street in town. County Road 115 loop road was picked up. He took his crew and assisted in moving bleachers for the civic center this week as well. He and his crew finished up some cleaning around the Detention Center. I know everyone may get tired of hearing this, but PLEASE DO NOT discard your trash out of the window of your vehicle! There are dumpsters located across our county for one to discard your trash. Please make sure you throw the trash inside them and be aware they are for household trash only. We find furniture, mattresses, and various other articles dumped beside the dumpsters. A person can be fined up to $1000.00 for illegal dumping for doing this. We are also finding places off county roads and in the woods where people dump trash. We have written several citations for this already this year. Take this stuff to the landfill and dispose of it properly.

Our monthly Circuit Court was held this past Wednesday. We had a few cases settled.

Langley, Derek, Pled True to Revocation, Sentenced 4 years ADC

Morehead, Lucas, Pled Guilty to Threatening a Judicial Officer and Possession of a Firearm by Certain Persons, 5 years SIS and 5 years ADC

Nunley, Shawn, Pled Guilty to Commercial Burglary, 10 years ADC

Several cases have been set for trial in the upcoming months.

Onto Felony Friday!

York, Billy, of New Boston, TX, Delivery of a Controlled Substance

Hamilton, Dishon, of Fordyce, Sexual Assault 1st Degree

Williams, Crystal, of Fordyce, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Johnson, Christopher, of Texarkana, TX, Conduct Constituting Conspiracy

Sanders, Christopher, of Fordyce, DWI, Public Intoxication, Drinking in Public

Sargent, Cameron, of Fordyce, FPD DWI, Disorderly Conduct

Hammonds, Lynn, of Sparkman, FPD DWI

Gantt, Rayhan, of Little Rock, Forgery

Jones, Quincy, of Fordyce, FPD Disorderly Conduct, Contempt Failure to Pay Misdemeanor

Humphrey, Tiffany, Fordyce, FPD Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Rousseau, Robert, of Fordyce, Absconding, Possession of a Controlled Substance

Boggus, Jodi, of Camden, Contempt Failure to Pay

Chriswell, Eddie, of Fordyce, Failure to Register, Failure to Comply

Toney, Brentley, of Fordyce, Failure to Appear Felony

McClure Rickey, of Camden, Failure to Appear Felony

Ballance, Brian, of Fordyce, FPD Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Charles, Roderick, of Warren, Contempt Failure to Pay, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

God bless you all and stay safe.

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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