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Good morning,

I hope everyone had a good week and that you are enjoying the cooler, rainy weather.

I have had a couple of weeks down due to having surgery to repair a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder. I'm happy to report that I am pain free!! I will return to work next week full time and ready to go. I want to recognize Major Foster and all of my staff for never missing a beat! I'm so blessed to have the employees I do!!

I want to address an issue going on at Sparkman currently. We have received numerous complaints about four wheelers/side x sides on city streets while operating unsafely. While the deputies have been patient with some of these people, the time has come where tickets will be issued. It is against the law to operate these ATV's on city streets. Period. There were some lost souls recently on FB accusing the Sheriff's Department of this being a racial issue. Anyone that knows me knows this type of profiling will not be tolerated from any of our employees. Ethnicity plays no part in this matter. It becomes a safety issue for all people in the community. There are way too many places to operate these ATV's in our rural county without getting on our streets and jeopardizing lives. I am finished dealing with this issue, we have other important matters going on in the county to deal with. This is the last warning I will give on this matter. Next comes tickets.

Deputies have been busy as usual answering calls and being proactive. We still have numerous drug investigations open and are actively working them.

Mr. Rucker and his crew have had another busy week this week. They have been cleaning on the River Road at Sparkman and Park and Commerce Street. They cleaned on Highway 8 North of the Dallas County landfill. On Wednesday, they work around Fordyce until the rain stopped them. While the rain kept them here, they worked around the detention center. Today, they are working from Highway 8 up to Highway 9 and will be heading up Highway 229 North of Carthage to clean up trash bags that someone has dumped out on the side of the road.

As hunting season approaches, please keep an eye open for those who come to our county to steal. If you see something suspicious, please get a license plate number, if possible, and report it immediately.

Now it's time for felony Friday!!

Wilson, William Jr. of Chidester, Arson, Criminal Mischief, Domestic Battering, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor x 2

Boros, Lacey, of Greenville, MS, Driving While Intoxicated

Highsmith, Lekecha, of Fordyce, Misdemeanor Contempt Failure to Pay

Robinson, Ereion, of Fordyce, FPD, Misdemeanor Contempt Failure to Pay

Trammell, Ambry, of New Edinburg, Misdemeanor Contempt Failure to Pay

God Bless,

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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