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Good morning,

I hope everyone has had a great week! It has been another busy, productive week at the Dallas County Sheriff's Office. I'm happy to be back at work after recovering from surgery the last two weeks. Hats off to all of my crew for not missing a beat in my absence. That's the great thing about having great employees! Major Foster was in charge during my time off, and all business was handled as always.

On Sunday, October 8th an operation was executed across Dallas County concerning subjects that are currently on parole/probation. When parole or probation status is granted, that person signs a search waiver stating they agree to a search of their residence/vehicle at any time. This operation began at 6:00 AM Sunday morning and involved multiple law enforcement agencies. I want to personally thank the Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game & Fish, Probation and Parole, and, of course, all of my staff for making this a successful, safe operation. Some thirty places were considered to conduct searches. Of those 26 residences, we were able to make contact with subjects at 10 of them. Out of those 10 contacted there were four felony arrests, along with one misdemeanor. You can see those specific arrests listed on Felony Friday below. These arrests were mostly drug/firearm-related. There were six firearms seized, along with methamphetamine and marijuana and $1870.00 cash. A very successful operation overall!! Drug dealers keep looking over your shoulder, we're not far behind!

Mr. Rucker and his crew have completed trash pickup this week along County Road 131, Highway 7 from Sparkman to the county line, and Highway 128 from Sparkman West to Holly Springs. They worked in town cleaning up around dumpsters. If these dumpsters are full, please do not discard trash on the ground. This is littering and can result in a citation. They also did general maintenance on some of our vehicles here at the Sheriff's Office. On a similar note, I am beginning to see corn sacks along our roads and highways. Please be sure to secure these sacks before traveling to ensure they do not blow out and litter our county.

Just a reminder that October 16th - 22 begins the State Distracted Driving campaign. All law enforcement will be working overtime on this campaign to ensure drivers are paying attention to the road while operating a vehicle. No texting and driving!

This is Fordyce - Rison rivalry week for our football team. Deputies will be working both the junior high and high school games this week. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for fans who decide not to follow the rules. Please be respectful to others and set an example for our kids to follow.

I want to end by saying how proud I am of all my staff and the difficult job they do each day! I am only as successful as the people that surround me, and I am blessed to have them. If you see them out, please thank them for their service.

Now, for Felony Friday!

Turner, Jimme Dean SR, Of Fordyce, Failure to Pay Misdemeanor

Chriswell, Eddie, of Fordyce, FPD,Failure to Pay Misdemeanor

Frazier, Bernice, of Hampton, Failure to Appear Felony

Howard, John W., of Thornton, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Lewis, Lamar, of Fordyce, Driving While Intoxicated Felony

Moore, Kenneth, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Howard, John Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Childs, Dmarcus, of Fordyce, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Felony

Parham, Jackson, of Fordyce, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Tatum, Aaron, of Fordyce, Possession of a Controlled Substance

Hollis, Gregory, of Carthage, Possession of a Schedule VI with Purpose to Deliver, Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms, Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons

Lash, Justin, of Fordyce, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Humphrey, Kenneth, of Bearden, FPD, Fleeing

Lee, Gregory, of Bonnerdale, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Howard, Cardarius, of El Dorado, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

God Bless,

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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