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Good morning,

I hope everyone has had a great week even though it's been like living/working in an oven. Hopefully, relief is on the way to some extent next week.

I will begin with Mr. Rucker and his crew this week. On Monday and Tuesday, they removed old furniture from the Dallas County Medical Center. There were over 15 loads of various stuff that had been in storage for some time. The grass was mowed, and trash was picked up around the dumpsters at the Dallas County Health Department. The rest of the week was spent completing maintenance here at the Detention Facility. Once again, I can't say enough about Mr. Rucker and his crew that keeps our county clean while saving taxpayers money.

I want to recognize Fordyce Police Department for their assistance this week to bring a drug investigation to a close. I hope everyone knows our commitment to curtailing our drug problem in Dallas County. My commitment is not exclusive to Dallas County residents. We have been working on several suspects that bring drugs into our county as well. Mr. Arlin Weeks from Natchez Louisiana was arrested Sunday night and charged with possession of meth or cocaine with the purpose to deliver and possession of a schedule VI narcotic with the purpose to deliver. There was over $1000.00 worth of cash seized in this incident, along with a vehicle. I'm happy to report he is resting well in the Dallas County Detention Facility and adjusting to our beans and cornbread menu. This arrest culminated in great teamwork, sharing intelligence, and communication between our two agencies. The moral of this story, we don't discriminate against non-resident drug dealers. We will be happy to take your drugs, cash, and vehicles and put you up at our extended stay facility.

Next are some stats from some of the federal enforcement programs that we participate in such as drive sober or get pulled over, holiday seatbelt initiatives. This was a joint effort by Dallas County Sheriff's Department and Fordyce Police Department. These stats are from the time period July 17th - July 30th. We issued :

1 ticket for Failure to Register Motor Vehicle, 1 ticket for Driving on a DWI revoked license, 1 ticket for Driving on a Cancelled License, 15 tickets for Driving on a Suspended License, 1 ticket for Driving While Intoxicated, 1 ticket for Driving with No Insurance, 1 ticket for Failing to Yield, 1 ticket for Fictitious License Sticker, 2 tickets for Fleeing on Foot, 3 tickets for Improper Passing, 2 tickets for Criminal Trespass, 3 tickets for No Child Passenger Restraint, 5 tickets for No Driver's License or License Expired, 7 tickets for No Liability Insurance, 3 tickets for No Seatbelt, 6 tickets for Expired Tags, 1 ticket for Passing Authorized Vehicle Stopped on a Highway, 2 tickets for Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule VI 22 tickets for Speeding-1to15 MPH over limit, 18 tickets for Speeding-More than 15 MPH over limit. That is a total of 96 tickets just through July 17-30 in Dallas County. We also issued 91 warnings during the same time period.

Now, on to Felony Friday...

Banks, Demetrious, of Sparkman, Criminal Trespass

Gregory, Terry Jr, of Camden, Criminal Trespass

Howland, Michael, of Camden, Failure to Appear, Misdemeanor

Mathis, Harold, of Warren, Aggravated Assault on a Family Member, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Terroristic Threatening,

Thompson, Alvin, of Fordyce, FPD, Failure to Appear

Lawson, Lashannon, of Fordyce, FPD, Failure to Appear

Weeks, Arlin, of Louisiana, Possession of Meth/Cocaine with the Purpose to Deliver, Possession of Schedule VI with Purpose to Deliver

Peebles, Christopher, Criminal Mischief 1st Degree, Commercial Burglary

Taylor, Joseph Samuel, of Hot Springs, Possession of Controlled Substance, Fraudulent Practices

Samuels, Roberta, of Camden, Failure to Appear, Misdemeanor

Rogers, Dollie, of Fordyce, FPD, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Meth/Cocaine with Purpose to Deliver, Breaking or Entering, Criminal Trespass, Driving with License Cancelled, Suspended, or Revoked

Maher, Sarah, of Fordyce, FPD, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Meth/Cocaine with Purpose to Deliver, Breaking or Entering, Criminal Trespass

Worthy, Julian, of Fordyce, Possession of Firearm by Certain Person

We're wishing everyone a safe weekend!!

God Bless,

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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