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Good morning,

How about this cooler weather? It's not where I want it to be, but hopefully, the cooler weather is coming. It's almost time to think about preparing for deer season. Be sure and be safe out there working on stands!

This week has continued to be a busy week for us here at the Sheriff's Office. I've come to learn that criminals very seldom take vacations or decide to take a break from crime. With that said, we're still providing free room and board here for the ones who choose to break the law.

Mr. Rucker and his crew picked up trash from Highway 7 from Sparkman to Dalark. They assisted at the Dallas County Fairgrounds completing some repairs and painting to prepare for the upcoming county fair. The end of the week concluded with trash pickup within the city on Barner Street and the stretch in front of the Sonic. I'm asking again, PLEASE do not litter our town and county. It only takes a second to find a trash can or dumpster to discard your trash. We have issued several $1000.00 citations to date for littering and will continue to do so.

Just a reminder, this weekend will bring a close to the summer holidays. You will see stepped-up law enforcement around the state to combat drinking and driving. Our Deputies will be out in full force working overtime to ensure your safety while traveling. If you choose to drink, please make sure you have a designated driver whether in a vehicle or boat. Everyone's life depends on it! There is a zero-tolerance policy on any activity that involves drinking or using drugs while driving here in our county.

I want to inform everyone of some new law changes that have gone into effect. It is now a felony to flee from any law enforcement officer once you exceed the posted speed limit. We have had some pursuits this week and you will face felony charges if you make this bad decision. Just pull over instead of endangering our officers' lives or innocent people on the roadways. There is nothing worth being charged with a felony conviction over something that starts as a misdemeanor.

Now it's time for felony Friday!

Best, Kenneth, of Hermitage, 4 counts of Breaking or Entering

Thompson, Jerome, of Bearden, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Broughton, Teresa, of Fordyce, Disorderly Conduct

Walker, Dexter, of Fordyce, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Hall, Mario, of North Little Rock, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Open Container

Nelson, Dontae, Failure to Appear Felony

Shaw, Dale, of Fordyce, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana), 2 counts of Fleeing

Cones, Lamoris, of Fordyce, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor, Fleeing

Bowman, Krederick, of Fordyce, Fleeing, Driving with a Suspended Driver's License

Mitchell, Tyler, of Fordyce, FPD, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor 2 counts

Dalton, Brandon, of Fordyce, Failure to Appear Misdemeanor

Murphy, William, of Prattsville, Domestic Battering, Aggravated Assault of a Family or Household Member, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor 2 counts, Fleeing, Disorderly Conduct

Thomas, Anthony, of Hampton, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Fleeing

Cook, Jamie Anne, of White Hall, Absconding

Thompson, Channon, of Fordyce, Disorderly Conduct, Fleeing, Possession of a Controlled Substance

Rolett, Michael, of Malvern, Failure to Appear Felony

Please have a safe, holiday weekend!

God Bless,

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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