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Good afternoon,

I'm wishing everyone a wonderful upcoming weekend! This is Cottonbelt weekend and hopefully, we have decent weather for everyone to get out and enjoy the festivities.

With that said, let's start out with "Operation Cottonbelt" which took place Wednesday evening. Remember our motto is here "Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes". The Dallas County Sheriff's Department, along with the Arkansas State Police, Fordyce Police Department, and Thirteenth Judicial Drug Task Force participated in a saturation of the city of Fordyce. The goal of this saturation is to locate and eradicate illegal drugs and firearms in our community. I want to send out thanks to all agencies involved to assist us in making our county a safer place to live and raise our children. A special thanks to Fordyce Police Department and the working relationship we now have with them!

This operation was a great success!

Besides drugs seized we picked up several individuals on outstanding warrants from Dallas County Sheriff's Department and Fordyce Police Department.

* Dexter Walker of Fordyce - Contempt of Court

* Murriel Harris of Fordyce - Failure to Appear

*Brandon Martin of Texarkana - Failure to Appear

*Lauren Lacombe of Fordyce - Failure to Appear

*Tiffany Humphery of Fordyce - Failure to Appear

During the operation there were 30 grams of methamphetamine seized, along with 28 grams of marijuana. Also, there were numerous citations issued for a variety of violations. For investigative purposes, the names of those arrested for drugs are withheld pending an ongoing investigation.

Circuit Court was held Wednesday in Dallas County. Below is a list of the names and outcomes of some serious felony cases. First, let me recognize Sergeant Jordan Ables for his work investigating a serious case of rape involving a minor child. This is the worst of the worst! However, he is where he needs to be now.

*Jonathan Merrit of Malvern - 30 years in ADC for rape of a minor child.

*Jimmy Ray Lewis of Malvern - 10 years in the ADC for two counts of breaking and entering.

*James Thompson of Sparkman - 8 years in the ADC for three counts of delivery of a controlled substance. (Meth/Cocaine)

*Stanley Sargent of Rison - 3 years in ADC for possession of a controlled substance.

*Sharod Watkins - 10 years in ADC for aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

I want to recognize our quorum court this week in my report. They approved raises for my staff at the Sheriff's Department and Detention Center. It was voted on and received a yes vote from all members with one abstaining on the vote. We appreciate your support! I want to make it plain that I DID NOT ask for a raise for myself.

Mr. Rucker has been busy with his crew getting ready for the Cottonbelt Festival. They've worked hard to make our courthouse look beautiful. If you see Mr. Rucker and any of our staff, please tell them how much you appreciate their service.

*Note - Please do not park in the parking lot of our 911 center this weekend. It will be barricaded off in order for our emergency personnel to come and go.

I will be attaching pictures of some of the evidence a little later on. We are still processing evidence at this time.

Please watch this weather tonight.

God Bless,

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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