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Good afternoon,

I wanted to report that Dallas County Deputies and I have worked on two fatality vehicle accidents in the last seven days. At least one of these fatalities could have possibly been prevented by wearing a seatbelt. PLEASE wear your seatbelt for your loved ones. I hope I never have to call another person's family member to report they have died in a vehicle accident.

On a lighter note, I was invited to speak to the elementary kids at Sparkman schools this morning about career choices. I explained to them the only people that could hold them back from reaching their goals and dreams were themselves. I explained the importance of doing the right things in life and making good choices. I appreciate them giving me the opportunity to speak. They are our future!

Also, this week I have had parents bring two children here to the jail that are experiencing behavioral problems. It is important to me that it is worth the time spent if we only reach one young person.


Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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